Tuddy's Blog: 'I Just Might Miss the Abuse!'


I'm finishing up my last hour of a grueling two-day training session with Pena. (Stepped it up the last week; 1hr. cardio in the AM, weight vest, ship chains and hills, you know what I'm talking about, and a second 1hr. of cardio at night.) I'm now feeling like I can try out for the Chargers next season as a walk on!!! Not really, but I'm feeling better then ever!!!

I tackled the hill with 100 pounds of weight on me, and was able to keep going. The cardio is getting easier and easier. As the last week comes to an end, as much as I complained, I just might miss the abuse my boy Pena put me through... not really! Actually, I never was the type of guy to have a personal trainer. I figured I could do it on my own, or workout with a friend and get the results I wanted. And when I was younger, it worked -- somewhat. But Pena took me to a whole 'nother level.

In the beginning he asked me to trust what he was doing to get the results. At times throughout the 8 weeks I would question him, and sometimes yell, but Pena being the spiritual guy he is would close his eyes and say, "Have faith Tuddy." I would think, "Give me a break, Pena!" and sometimes I would say it, and then I would do what he said and then some. Having a trainer like Pena is one of the best things that ever happened to me. Yeah, we were boys before this and would be boys after, but the blood, sweat and tears (okay, maybe not tears) and yelling matches have made us even closer friends.

People have asked me how I lost the weight so fast and if I was taking anything. And I told them all the truth: No, I was training with my buddy and wanted to give him the best I had to give, much like he would do for me. Heart, discipline, the right food -- which in my case is Freshology -- and hard work and you would be amazed at what you're capable of. Freshology has been terrific. I love the fact that when I walk thru the doors of Extra, my meals for the day are waiting for me and they are really good!

Training with Pena is not over, we've just begun. After next week's weigh-in, Pena and I go from trainer and trainee to two friends training together. And Pena is not the only one who helped me stay straight and keep me going. Lopez was also policing me when we were on the road, and while I was training here in L.A. If Pena wasn't able to train me for whatever reason that day, Lopez was there to make sure each and every day counted. From boxing, to cardio (and Lopez trains at a ridiculous rate) to weights, he made sure I was giving it my all! But more importantly, I knew each and every day was numbered and I had to give 110 percent!! And I did.

The wife also played a big part, when she wasn't studying for her bio-chemistry exams... yeah, I not only got a beautiful one, but smart too!!! She's the best and she's actually stepped it up as well. She's looking very, very good!!! Vegas by the pool, summer trips to Cabo, boat trips in San Diego... she's looking good!!!! I love her in any form, but I know it makes her happy to look and feel good, and that makes me happy. Plus, a few years go by like that -- and we need to start a family. My mom needs grandkids, not just dogs.

Rumor has it 'Extra' is keeping up my page and possibly doing more stuff in the future with me and exercise pieces, so hopefully I can continue to blog. I'm starting to like it, and Lynne, who is our senior producer is great and has really helped me out. So she is campaigning along with Lopez to have me on in the future... and Carmela, that's who really counts. Anyway, my beautiful wife just came home from school and it's time to catch up before we go to bed. Leave comments, because Lynne loves when I bother her in her busy day to ask if she's been reading them all. Also, I'm going to start tweeting!