911 Calls Reveal Richardson's Severe Condition

natasha richardson

A few hours after Natasha Richardson fell while skiing, a 911 call reveals the actress appeared disoriented and presented signs of confusion and a concussion. In the 911 tapes obtained by Canada's Globe and Mail, the star's injury was initially dismissed but her condition quickly deteriorated.

A medic arrived at the Mont Tremblant ski resort on March 16 at 1:00 PM, after a call was placed to the 911 dispatch center near Mirabel, Quebec. At the time, Richardson felt fine and had declined treatment. At 1:11 PM the medic reported to dispatch the job was canceled.

Later in the afternoon, Richardson began to experience severe headaches and the dispatch received another emergency call from the hotel. At 2:59 PM the dispatcher says, "Priority 1, Mont Tremblant. This will be at the Hotel Quintessence... 17-Delta-1." The injury is now classified as "dangerous."

Medics rushed Richardson into the ambulance 45 minutes later and left for the Centre Hospitalier Laurentien.

The medic said the patient was "verbal" and according to the Globe and Mail, her orientation rating was 0, indicating she didn't know where she was, the day of the week, or what had happened to her.

Richardson died March 18 from a blunt impact injury to the head. She was 45.