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Sheen on the Twins: 'Everyone is Doing Great!'


In Brooke and Charlie's first interview since the arrival of twin boys Bob and Max on March 14, the couple reveals that everyone is doing well -- and they've already picked favorites!

"We have favorites already," new mom Brooke says. Charlie adds, "No, no. The kids will see this [interview] one day -- and never forgive us!" Brooke responds, "But they're fake favorites. They're not real favorites," while Sheen chimes in, "and that'll change from day to day."

When asked if Bob was Charlie's favorite of the boys, the "Two and a Half Men" star responded, "Yeah. I think perhaps. Yes, with the middle name of Carlos [Sheen's given name] and all." Mrs. Sheen reveals, "Max [is my favorite]. Max is sweet and quiet. And Bob is kind of loud and cries a lot like his father."

After giving his wife a hug, proud pop Charlie declared, "We're thrilled -- everyone's doing great. Bob's great. Max is great. Mom is great obviously, look at her." Brooke smiled, saying, "It's all being hidden by the coat" -- prompting Sheen to insist, "No, No. You look fabulous."

The actor continued, "I also want to say to all my fans -- thank you for the outpouring of love and support and well wishes. We really appreciate it. It's an exciting time for us. Be careful what you wish for. Here we are..." Brooke added "with twins."

For more on the Sheen twins, including how Charlie almost named one of the boys after a famous friend, tune in to "Extra" on Tuesday!