Tuddy's Blog: 'Feeling Good, Feeling Light!'


After spending an eventful and grueling 5 days in NYC, getting in at 1 AM (10 PM L.A. time), Lopez and I were up a few hours later and hitting the gym... every morning before work!!! The time change along with daylight savings was trying. 1.5 hrs. of cardio at 85 to 95 percent heart rate with no Pena, and Lopez pushing me to train at his level was killing me!

No Freshology... I was living on plain grilled or boiled chicken breast, steamed vegetables and hard boiled eggs, and that's torture when you're in a place like NYC that's filled with great places to feast. Lopez had no problem torturing me by ordering everything on the menu followed by mouthwatering desserts. Water, chicken, eggs, salads and steamed veggies were where I lived for my 5-day trip to NYC.

Thank god to be back in L.A. and my delicious Freshology meals!!! Lost more weight, however. Feeling good, feeling light. 5 AM training sessions are back and still killing me, followed by my 1.5 hrs. with Pena in afternoon and then boxing. Two spin bikes are now in my small one-bedroom apartment and my wife and I are spending our time together training. She's looking great!! Even though my life has become work, travel and training, I'm feeling better then ever and the weight is dropping off!! If you want drastic changes (201 lbs. in Feb.) you have to be willing to take drastic measures!!! 3.5 hrs. a day of hard training mixed with the right food, puts change within reach.

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