Rihanna and Chris: Secret Wedding?


Rumors have swirled saying controversial couple Chris Brown and Rihanna tied the knot after their alleged altercation -- "Extra" explores the wedding rumors, and what could be next for Brown's case.

A source recently revealed to "Extra" that the couple did in fact say "I do" -- but Los Angeles lawyer Trent Copeland tells "Extra" that even if the musical duo got married, it will not provide Chris with any legal loopholes. "It would not matter if Chris Brown and Rihanna were married before or after the alleged incident," Copeland insists. "No judge would allow him to use their marriage as a shield to prevent her from testifying as a witness."

Brown may not need Rihanna's love to back him in court -- according to TMZ, a plea deal for Chris may already be in the works. The "Forever" singer reportedly wants no jail time -- and he will reportedly only cop to a misdemeanor charge.

Ani Esmailian from Hollyscoop.com reveals to "Extra" that the couple has been violent with each other before. "It isn't the first time Chris Brown has fought back and that's according to Rihanna's statement," Ani explains. "According to a source familiar with the case, there was actually an altercation three months ago when the couple was in Europe and it resulted in Rihanna slapping Chris Brown and him having to put her up against the wall to calm her down."

Brown is due back in court on April 6 for his arraignment.

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