LC: I Lived a Double Life on 'The Hills'


Lauren Conrad is opening up on her decision to leave "The Hills" after five seasons -- including the pressure of living a double life, and what she's focusing on next.

"You see us on the show and we appear to have semi-normal lives, but if you watch any entertainment news show, half of the cast is being swarmed by paparazzi," Conrad explained to Us Weekly of the contradiction between her life on and off camera. "I'm excited to go back to having just one life, because there were times that I got them confused."

LC continued, "I've spent the last five years making every decision be about the show. People I date have to be able to film, the places I work have to let us film and the places I live have to have set lighting." She added, "I loved doing it and had so much fun, but it came to a point where I had done it long enough."

Conrad, who has been dating actor Kyle Howard off of the show, revealed that keeping her relationship with the "My Boys" star off camera has become "very difficult, because when you're with someone, they become a very big part of your life."

The former "Laguna Beach" babe also admits that having cameras around 24/7 can be extremely stressful. "There have been some scenes -- extra scenes that'll probably never come out -- of me getting upset and taking my mic off. I say, 'I'm done!' and lock myself in my room," she says. "There was a time when I was really stressed, and I would get sick a lot. I think I was sick of all of season three!"

Lauren's last season in "The Hills" premieres April 6 on MTV. The show's producer, Liz Gately, recently revealed to AP that the reality series will give Conrad a big send-off -- and the show will go on without her.