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Sneak Peek! Britney's 'Circus' Tour

Candies.com has unveiled footage of Britney rehearsing for her "Circus" tour -- check it out!


The "Circus" tour, which kicks off tomorrow in New Orleans, is going to be more than light tricks and puffs of smoke.

The pop princess is going to be sawed in half and disappear into thin air -- and those are just two of the tricks Spears has up her sleeve for her upcoming tour, "The Circus Starring Britney Spears."

"Right away, she got into the boxes and into the magic contraptions to learn the stuff, and she's so excited about this tour and all the elements that are in it," illusionist-comedian Ed Alonzo dished to E! news. Alonzo has revealed that he will be performing onstage with Brit during her concerts, where the "Womanizer" singer will serve as the magician's assistant.

Ed continued, "We'll be doing a little dissection, transposition, a vanish, an appearance -- and if I do a trick, she doesn't just hold the props, she's actually getting inside the big boxes or I am slicing her up."

Alonzo also dished that Spears has a knack for magic! "I made [the tricks] really easy for her, but there are some complicated things that she is doing that you would think a contortionist would have to do, or a trained magician's assistant," he said, "but because she's a dancer, it really makes sense to put her in the magic, and it works and she's really, really good at it."

Britney will also perform some of her hits that helped her skyrocket to the top of the charts. Ed confessed that the show would feature "the best music of Britney that people have loved over the years and, of course, brand-new favorites from the new album."