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Octotots Offered Free Clothing for a Year!


Despite the media backlash Nadya Suleman has received since the birth of her octuplets, baby brand Custom Kingdom -- who has outfitted the Brangelina brood -- has offered to donate a year's worth of clothing to all 14 of Nadya's children.

"We understand the financial strain one child can put on a family, let alone 14 little ones, so we would like to do our part and donate clothing from our line," the company says in a letter released to Us Weekly.

Custom Kingdom has offered to "provide at least $500 in clothing each month, for one year."

Nadya will certainly be grateful for the help -- the mother has no job and supports her children with food stamps. Also, the home that the family has been living in -- which is owned by Suleman's mother -- is in foreclosure.

In early February, the octomom set up a website through which people could send money and gifts to the struggling family.