Octodonor: What's in a Name?


Nadya Suleman has denied that her ex, Dennis Beaudoin, is the father of any of her 14 children -- now a source close to Octomom has revealed that the name on her kids' birth certificates, David Solomon, is a fake.

"His name is not David Solomon," the source dished to Us Weekly. The source added that Suleman chose the name for its biblical reference -- and that she and the sperm donor decided on the name and signed an agreement before the birth of her children. "It was signed a long time ago," the source continued. "Only Nadya and the sperm donor know the exact details."

The mother of 14 revealed on "Dateline" that she hoped the father would be involved in the parenting, but the Octomom source says that it's unlikely the sperm donor will step into the role of Octodad. "She had just had all the babies [at the time of the interview]," the source said. "Her hormones were likely raging, but at this point, it doesn't look like he will ever be involved."