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Britney Spears as Suzy Homemaker?


Pop princess and mom of two Britney Spears plays a sexed-up housewife in her new video for the single "If U Seek Amy," in which the superstar dons a blonde 1950s-style wig with a fitted pink top and white skirt. Golly, gee!

A source tells People, "The video begins with Britney going outside her house to hand the paparazzi an apple pie that she baked. She acts like she wants to hook up. The video is very provocative."

Spears stars alongside two peachy keen preppy kids and a man wearing khaki and a sweater draped over his shoulders. So dreamy!

Expect Spears to gyrate her hips in the "All Shook Up" style of Elvis Presley. Dancers were dressed in metallic "skimpy outfits."

No word yet on when the video will be released.