Sully and the Singing Survivor


The miracle on the Hudson has launched one survivor's singing career! Passenger and aspiring singer Emma Sophina was strapped in her seat in row 13 when flight 1549 headed for the Hudson.

Sophina tells "Extra" she feared for her life, "When [the pilot] said 'Brace for impact' ... Immediately I thought it was my time to go. I'm going to heaven." She didn't think the plane would be able to land in the water. "I thought we'd hit a building."

Thanks to Captain Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger, heaven turned out to be the Hudson River. The pop singer wrote the song "Send Another Prayer" about her experience. She sends a message to the Captain, saying, "The only thing I can say is thank you... Words can't really describe how grateful I am. So, thank you."

Captain Sully tells his incredible story to Katie Couric this Sunday on "60 Minutes." The heroic pilot describes the feeling of the fall, "It was the worst, sickening, pit of your stomach, falling through the floor feeling I've ever felt in my life. I knew immediately it was very bad."

Sully's full interview airs on "60 Minutes" this Sunday, February 8 on CBS.