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'Slumdog' Team Reacts to 10 Nominations!


The Indian flick "Slumdog Millionaire" came out of nowhere to nab Best Motion Picture at the Golden Globes -- and has just been nominated for ten Academy Awards!

Producer Christian Colson released a statement regarding the nominations, saying, "It is wonderful to receive this amazing news here in Mumbai where we are premiering the movie tonight. All the filmmakers are deeply proud of this recognition which we also hope will bring great joy to the people of this great city. A huge thank you to the Academy... and Jai Ho!"

Danny Boyle is up for Best Director -- and can't contain his excitement! "I'm ecstatic! Thank you to the Academy from the cast and crew here in Mumbai where the film was made and where it's being premiered tonight. It feels like you've given us a billion nominations!"

Screenwriter Simon Beufoy, up for Best Adapted Screenplay, thanks the novel's writer for giving him material to work with, saying, "This is the nomination that floats in every screenwriter's dreams. I am fantastically happy and honored -- not just for myself but for Vikas Swarup's wonderful novel without which I would have never started my journey to the world's Maximum City, Mumbai."

Stars Dev Patel and Freida Pinto also released statements about the film's nominations, congratulating their team on the success of the film. Patel said, "For 'Slumdog Millionaire' to be included in the nominations for the Oscars is a huge honor... I'm just so proud to be a part of this project."

Pinto added, "The entire Slumdog Millionaire experience has exceeded my wildest expectations... hailing from Mumbai, it means even more to me that a film about this unique city has been nominated for such a prestigious award. It's been an absolute honor to have worked with such a passionate team and its wonderful to know that critics and audiences across the globe have loved what we have worked so hard to achieve."