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Eva: Pregnant or Not? Mario Asks!

Rumors have been swirling that Eva Longoria Parker is set to make the transition from "Desperate Housewife" to house mom! The actress has been the object of baby bump speculation for some time, now "Extra's" Mario Lopez is clearing up rumors. Is Eva expecting a little one?

"You would know if I were pregnant, and no, I'm not." She added, laughing, "It's funny because they're like, "Oh, Eva is wearing baggy clothes' and it's not like I dressed like a hoochie mama before!"

Parker continued, "I'm not pregnant, but if I was, there's that three-month time -- you just don't say anything, for health reasons. You just want to make sure everything's okay... I just wish people would just chill out. You'll know when it happens."

The actress also shared why she'll be casting her ballot for Barack -- and her thoughts on Governor Sarah Palin. "I like her. I think she's smart and intelligent. I don't think I would want her running the country," Eva declared. "I'm not going to vote for her because she's a woman. We disagree on a lot of issues and that's why I support Obama and Biden."