Sneak Peek: Ellen's Big Day

"Extra" has a sneak peek at Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi's wedding album, courtesy of People magazine.


The twosome tied the knot Saturday at Ellen's Beverly Hills home. Today, "Extra" caught the newlyweds strolling hand-in-hand in West Hollywood -- joking with paparazzi and flashing their rings.

"It was beautiful," Portia gushed about their nuptials. As for the honeymoon? "It's just like we imagined it would be, with you here with us," Ellen joked to the snappers.

Now, what about a name change? People magazine's Anne Marie Cruz tells "Extra," "Portia said it's something she's considering, and Ellen said you can imagine how many signs will have to be changed if she changes her name!"

The couple also shared that while they have no immediate plans for children, Ellen may change her mind in the future "if they can be as pretty as Brad and Angelina's kids!"