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What Happened to Madonna's Face?


An emaciated and exhausted looking Madonna was snapped leaving a Kabbalah center NY -- raising eyebrows about the cause of the dramatic change in the Material Girl's appearance. "Extra" is investigating Madge's transformation with the help of plastic surgeon Dr. Randal Hayworth, and women's health expert Dr. Erika Schwartz.

"This is a Madonna who is stressed, unhappy and is losing way too much weight," said Schwartz. Erika adds that the stress of rocky marriage rumors and the A-Rod scandal may be to blame.

"She may have had a minor facial rejuvenation procedure -- perhaps a facelift," says Hayworth, but despite her wrinkle-free face, Dr. Hayworth thinks that paps may have just caught Madonna on a makeup-free, off-day.

See the "4 Minutes" singer yourself when her "Sticky and Sweet" tour comes to the US this fall.

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