When Reality Judges Collide!

It's the clash of TV's top judges -- Simon and Bruno! The British judges, who have been friends for twenty years, are now rivals on American primetime TV -- and "Extra" correspondent Terri Seymour is the referee in the middle of the Chief Justices of "American Idol" and "Dancing with the Stars."

"You can say stick out your left food and make sure your right toe is in -- and the public at home are going, 'Oh yes, he knows what he's talking about,'" says Simon, "but Bruno, with respect, it's meaningless -- you know nothing about it!"

The friendly squabble came to a halt with a show idea the two hatched -- to swap places! "We'd swap judges," said Simon, "He comes on 'American Idol,' I go on 'Dancing with the Stars' without any explanation." Are the men qualified for their proposed switch-up? Bruno isn't worried about knowing nothing about singing. "I could make it up," Bruno says to Simon, adding, "You do!"

They may not agree on much -- but Bruno wants to team up for real. "I'm working on something that's a secret and if it happens I want you in on it," he says to Cowell. "Extra" will be the first to break the news about TV's newest odd couple!