Sheen on Screen with 'CSI'


"Extra" goes behind the scenes of "Two and a Half Men" and uncovers some secrets in an upcoming episode! The episode is a crossover with "CSI," so expect a cameo -- along with a murder, a suspect and a ceremony! Star Charlie Sheen dons a tux on the set, raising the question of a possible marriage on the show.

Off the small screen, Charlie is heading down the aisle this summer with "Extra" special correspondent Brooke Mueller -- and he's talking about his own wedding day plotlines. "No ties at my wedding," says Sheen, "it's going to be hot... I want people to be comfortable."

The actor is comfortable with the idea of more kids -- and has picked out a name, regardless of the sex! "We're set on a name, so if it's a girl she's going through life -- with Bob," laughed Sheen.

Watch Charlie crack jokes -- and maybe a murder case -- when the "CSI"-inspired "Two and a Half Men" airs May 5 on CBS.