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Campbell: Fight or Flight?


Catwalk queen Naomi Campbell, notorious for her temper, has been banned from British Airways after being removed from a flight at Heathrow Airport last week, where she allegedly assaulted a police officer.

According to Reuters, the feisty model spit on a cop following a heated argument with airline staff over her lost bags - and the runway shrew was taken away in handcuffs!

Airline sources confirmed that Campbell is no longer welcome on BA flights, but won't comment on the controversy. Naomi's rep says she's been a "good customer... and hopes this can be solved amicably." For now, she has been released on bail.

Campbell is no stranger to controversy - last year, the hot-tempered supermodel was forced to mop floors for the New York Sanitation Department as punishment for assaulting her assistant with a bejeweled cell phone.