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The Hottie and the Shaman

Paris Hilton spent Saturday night with a new man, but it wasn't current boyfriend Benji Madden. The searching socialite, innocently dressed in white, hit paparazzi hotspot Urth Cafe in Beverly Hills -- with a bearded spiritual advisor dressed in colorful robes. The enlightened duo sat on the café patio, reading passages from "The Path of the Painted Shaman." That’s Mahatma!

X17 Online caught the shaman telling Paris to give her diamond heart necklace to a passerby as a form of "cleansing" -- of Hilton’s wallet, perhaps! The guru then dramatically blessed the heiress by placing his hand on her head – while photographers snapped away.

After her much-publicized jail sentence last year, Paris told Larry King that she was seeking solace in religion. As she seeks oneness, she should have no trouble emptying her mind.