Eva Longoria-Parker Goes on Defense for Jessica Simpson

Eva Longoria is blasting critics who think Jessica Simpson is to blame for Tony Romo's loss with the Dallas Cowboys.

"I felt for her because I've been through that and I was always blamed for Tony's bad games," she explained. Her NBA hubby, Tony Parker, plays for the San Antonio Spurs.

Of course, Eva says Jessica should know that criticism comes with the territory.

"That's the life of an athletes woman," she said. "Believe me, they're not thinking of us on the court or the field or wherever they are."

Eva talked to "Extra" at the premiere of her new comedy, "Over Her Dead Body," where she looked stunning in a pink J. Mendel gown.

"I'm excited. I'm nervous!" she confessed on the red carpet. "It's the first time I'm going to watch it with an audience. I hope people laugh. This whole movie thing is foreign for me!"

But who can blame her for being nervous about her big premiere when her husband was gone playing ball?

"I wish I was with him watching basketball right now," she admitted.