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Britney Arrives in Court for New Custody Battle

Britney Spears has just arrived in court for yet another round in her custody battle with Kevin Federline.

Wearing a super-short black cocktail dress and big sunglasses, she managed to sneak past paparazzi by driving in through a basement garage. K-Fed arrived half an hour ago.

She's expected to ask the judge to grant her monitored visitation with her boys. Earlier this month, the judge stripped her of visitation rights after her post-deposition meltdown and hospitalization.

But on Monday, the troubled starlet quietly slipped into K-Fed's lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan's offices for a two-hour deposition.

Britney's lawyers will ask the judge for visitation "in a therapeutic setting," reportedly a clever way to force Britney to seek help. The judge has reportedly already ordered Brit to undergo a mental evaluation, but she's refused.