Jerry Penacoli's Sundance Blog

Okay,it's freezing up here at Sundance... the stars are hot, but the temps are very, very cold... In fact, so cold, that the festival people have moved most of the premiere lines inside. So far, the highlights have been Colin Farrell, who's back in the spotlight after taking a long and planned break out of the spotlight. His hair's longer (he says it's laziness) and grayer (he says he's going to let it go gray au natural)... and he's very funny in his new movie "In Bruges" -- who knew Colin could do comedy??

The other Colin up here in Park City is Hanks, and yes, his famous Dad produced and has a small role in Colin's starring vehicle with John Malcovich "The Great Buck Howard" -- Colin and Tom were loose and funny and fun, despite their nerves working with each other playing father and son. They have a contentious relationship in the movie, and Tom told me, they never have in real life, which made it a stretch to play on screen. More later... have to interview Jack Black in a second here.