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Dayna's Blog 1/18/08

So today is a full day. I am interviewing Bindi and Terri Irwin in the morning…doing the daily show…interviewing Josh Kelly (cutie-patooty who just married Katherine Heigl) and then I have a screening tonight.

I have to be honest, I had very mixed feelings interviewing Bindi and Terri. After Steve’s death Bindi jumped right into the limelight…virtually taking over the family business. We’ve all seen the end of this proverbial movie and it doesn’t end well. Can you think of any child star that is “normal” or that hasn’t been in and out of trouble? It just seems too much for a 9-year-old to support the family and not get to enjoy a “normal childhood.” And you know what’s really surprising…everyone looks shocked when I say all of this fame and fortune might not be good for a 9-year-old.

They were both sitting in hair/makeup and said they were very jetlagged and that it was 2 a.m. in the morning there. Bindi was quiet as a church mouse. They asked Sean Duncan the hairstylist to crimp her hair…he said “Ahhhm sawreee but Ah don’t have one” (I’m trying to write in a southern accent but it’s not working). Then “their people” told him exactly where her pigtails go. Sean was “dyin’” to give Terri a more updated look by flat ironing her bangs, but Terri said no that it made her bangs look like hay. I walked in to meet them both and they were very, very sweet. I’m serious…really gracious and sweet. Bindi was a little tiny thing with her warm little liquid brown eyes. I asked if I could get them some coffee or anything and Bindi said “I’ve already had a coffee, a tea and a Red Bull!!!!” We were all quiet for a second and then she burst out into laughter…she had a good sense of humor.

Both Bindi and Terri walked out on the stage and Bindi was fascinated by my high heels. She said “Do ya wear those all the time?” (try and envision an Australian accent here…I can’t write it.” I said “no most of the time I wear slippers. I only wear these when I am out on stage or out on a shoot.” She was still fascinated. Bindi nestled up to her mom like a little bird. Terri handled most of the interview and when Bindi would answer a question she would always look at her Mom for confirmation. Whatever you think about them, you have to say they are dedicated to each other. Bindi is going to be performing her new song at a gala soon, and we asked if she could sing a few bars. She started singing (slightly off key, but hey she was good) about whales and how mean we are to them…and I swear I got goosebumps (you better take it in now, because I will never admit I said this). After the interview I went back to my office and Barb Sherwood (our director) and Dawn Henry (jib operator) came to my office in tears. They said even Reggie, our 350 lb. stage director was teary eyed. Okay, so I don’t admit it very often…maybe…just maybe I was wrong. If anyone stands a chance to weather this business those two probably do!

Then Josh Kelley comes in. He is hilarious…so cool…so down-to-earth…so approachable. Mark comes over and they are talking the music biz…it’s funny every other word is “dude.” When Josh talks about Katherine he says “my girl.” Like one time he said “my girl…she has been giving me a hard time lately about losing my wedding ring in the snow.” During the interview I felt bad because I probably asked too many questions about him and Katherine and their relationship…and probably not enough about the music…but I thought people would really LOVE to hear about them moving in together (they didn’t live together until after they got married)… and Josh is a PHENOMENAL MUSICIAN…he was just singing while he was sitting there and his voice is gorgeous. I could go on and on and on about how he talks about Katherine (he credits her with just about everything), how he talked about growing into a man for her etc. Ah, such a great guy. Oh, I almost forgot to mention he went up and serenaded my boss Lisa Gregorisch-Dempsey and she loved it….so he is a smart one too!!!!