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Stars and Their Political Donations

The race for the presidency is heating up and the stars are pouring money into their favorite candidates' political campaigns. An Associated Press review of campaign records has identified the stars who are opening their pockets.

In 2004, movie, television and recording industries gave $33.1 million to federal candidates and parties. Before that, in 2000, $38.6 million was contributed. In both elections, Democrats got the majority of the money.

Here is a list of the stars, who they support, and how much they donated to their campaign:

Hillary Clinton
Michael Douglas: $4,600
Paul Newman: $4,600
Barbra Streisand: $2,300
Steven Spielberg: $2,300
Rob Reiner: $2,300

Barack Obama
Oprah Winfrey: $2,300
Paul Newman: $4,600
Barbra Streisand: $2,300
Will Smith: $4,600
Chris Rock: $4,600
Jamie Foxx: $2,300
Eddie Murphy: $2,300
Tyra Banks: $2,300
Halle Berry: $2,300
George Clooney: $2,300
Ed Norton: $2,300
Jennifer Aniston: $2,300
Zach Braff: $2,300
Brooke Shields: $2,300

John Edwards
Barbra Streisand: $2,300
Bonnie Raitt: $2,300
Jackson Browne: $2,300
James Denton: $4,600