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Britney Returns to L.A., Ditches Car in Middle of Road

Never one to remain off the radar for long, Britney Spears exploded back onto the Los Angeles scene last night, and "Extra" was there for all the madness.

First Britney got a flat tire on Sunset Boulevard, but she didn't let that stop her. She continued to drive down the street and merged onto LA's 405 freeway. X-17, which has a full recap of Britney's wild ride, says she drove just 5 miles per hour as angry motorists honked.

She finally gave up and ditched her car in the middle of the road. Her $200,000 Mercedes was impounded by police.

Brit then hitched a ride from a paparazzo, though photog beau Adnan Ghalib was no where to be seen. She must have been flustered from all the chaos, because Brit's top began falling off! X-17 snapped a nearly X-rated photo of the troubled pop star, which you can see here.

Not to let auto problems deter her, Britney headed out to the Four Seasons and later, the Peninsula Hotel. "Extra" was there for Brit's arrival at the Peninsula, where reporters can be heard yelling "Do you know Adnan is using you?"