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Teri Hatcher Fights Lawsuit in Court

Teri Hatcher tells "Extra" that a judge has called the insinuations from Hydroderm's lawsuit against her “character assassination” of the “worst kind.”

Yesterday, Hatcher filed a legal response after the cosmetic company filed a $2.8 million lawsuit. Hyrdroderm claims that Hatcher has breached her agreement by providing endorsement services to its competitors.

But Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Helen Bendix sided with Hatcher, denying Hydroderm early access to her business records.

“Extra” has obtained a statement from Hatcher’s representative stating, “Ms. Hatcher has not entered into any agreement with any other cosmetic or skincare companies or otherwise authorized or permitted any competitors of (Hydroderm) to use her name, likeness or celebrity in the promotion of products...Ms. Hatcher has done absolutely nothing wrong and has been ready, willing, able and eager to perform.”