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Judge Wants to Give Britney 24 Months Probation

Britney Spears’ legal troubles just keep on mounting.

The L.A. City Attorney wants to give her 24 months probation for driving without a license. However, her lawyer blasted this morning’s decision, insisting that she’s being treated unfairly.

A judge has decided to postpone the case until Jan. 2 so that attorneys can discuss the matter further and examine all the evidence.

The trouble stems from an incident last August, where Brit slammed her car into a parked station wagon and drove away. Her hit-and-run charge was dismissed, but she’s still facing a misdemeanor count of driving without a valid California license.

Outside the Van Nuys, Calif. courtroom, her attorney Michael Flanagan responded to whether Britney feels the system is picking on her by saying, “She hasn't said anything that I can quote. Do I feel that way? Yes, I feel that way."

He added that the City Attorney may reduce the probation period to 12 months, but he insisted, “No misdemeanor violation is satisfactory to me."