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Michael Lohan: 'Lindsay is Walking the Walk'

In just one year, Michael Lohan’s life has changed dramatically.

“Last year, I was sitting on a steel bench on a steel table with a steel tray eating a turkey dinner in prison. This year, I am blessed to be out here doing good things, surrounded by the right people, places and things,” he says.

Michael has turned his life around since leaving prison and reconciling with his famous daughter. “Extra” caught up with Michael at the New York City Rescue Mission, where he says he and Lindsay are on the right track – and they’re even a family again.

“I'm glad Lindsay's back here in New York with her family and she has her mom and dad, who both support her,” he says.

As for Lindsay, he says, “She is doing very well…And when it’s time for her to speak, I'm sure she'll have a lot to say. She's walking the walk.”

So will the family be spending Thanksgiving together this weekend?

“What happens between my family and I, I really want to keep to myself because that would kind of betray the trust I have with them,” he insists. “Personal things are best kept personally.”

Michael and his estranged wife, Dina, have previously made headlines with their bitter custody and divorce battles. But now, Michael says he has only kind words for his ex, who is rumored to be shopping a reality show.

“If Dina has any kind of a show, as long as it has a positive message, I wish her well,” he says. “If it’s a good thing, good for her.”

As for Michael’s future, he says he’ll open a restaurant in California.

“I have some people in the restaurant business that were interested in opening a restaurant in L.A. and we're going to open one for Lindsay out there,” he reveals.