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Farrah Fawcett Reunites with Ryan O’Neal in L.A.

Farrah Fawcett is back from Germany and reunited with her longtime love Ryan O’Neal, shutting down tabloid rumors that the famous pair is estranged.

“Extra” spotted Farrah looking healthy and happy after a follow-up cancer treatment in Los Angeles.

The courageous star was laughing and joking with Ryan and good friend Mela Murphy as they waited for their car outside the clinic. Ryan gave her a tender kiss goodbye after the treatment.

Farrah, who just made TV Land’s list of all-time icons, has endured a long struggle with the tabloids. Now she’s forced to fight back. She’s telling “Extra” her love for Ryan stands the test of time.

“There are things that never go away, and we still got those,” she says.

Farrah says the tabloids have crossed the line by invading her privacy and publishing hurtful headlines that she calls lies. There are reports that she’s going blind, split from Ryan, has shingles and that she’s begging to die, but they’re all false.

Farrah’s family is also under siege with false claims that her father has dementia and her son, Redmond, is battling a drug problem. Farrah insists Redmond is in a good place, enjoying the car his dad Ryan just bought him.

Meanwhile, “Extra” has learned that the John Wayne Cancer Institute will honor Farrah this weekend with The Spirit of Hollywood Award. All eyes will be on Farrah as he continues to fight the good fight.