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Angelina: 'Why My Relationship with Brad Works'

Angelina and Brad lit up the red carpet for the premiere of “Beowulf,” where Angelina shared only with “Extra” the secret to making their relationship work.

“I've been in different relationships and I think the reason why we are such a strong family is because we have the same view of the world and the same view of what family should be,” she said.

A glowing Angelina also broke news to “Extra,” revealing she and Brad are indeed planning on expanding their growing brood.

“I know I'm not even halfway there, it's terrible!” Angie confessed. “I'm working on it.”

Does that mean biologically or adopting?

“Both!” she gushed. “We got time. We’ll do both.”

There was no shortage of fans willing to join the Brangelina clan in Westwood last night, including one girl whose t-shirt read, “Adopt me, Angelina!”

“Well, that’s sweet,” Angie shrugged as “Extra” pointed out the eager devotee.

In the animated film “Beowulf,” Angelina is anything but sweet as the evil mother of the vicious monster Grendel. The role even calls for her naughty animated character to seduce the warrior Beowulf in the nude!

“I did get a bit shy the first time I saw it,” Angelina confessed. “It's so bizarre. You know, I was three months pregnant!”

Cut to two years alter, and little baby Shiloh and her brothers and sister are making a big impression, especially on proud uncle James Haven, who spoke exclusively to “Extra” about his nieces and nephews.

“It's absolutely remarkable and just to see how much they teach me,” said James. “Maddox is amazing with video games already and he’s like teaching me how to play them!”

He added, “Pax said my name for the first time. It was just like, oh my gosh, and at that time I still thought he didn't know any English.”