Jenna Bush Discusses Her 'Wild Child' Reputation

“Extra” is learning more about First Daughter Jenna Bush’s revealing in-depth interview with Diane Sawyer.

The former party animal, now a teacher and author, was asked directly by Sawyer about earning a reputation as a “wild thing.”

Jenna responded, “No, I think I was a pretty normal freshman or sophomore in college…It’s been like eight years. I hope I’ve changed.”

Jenna, the 25-year-old twin daughter of President Bush, also talked about her father as a man at war.

Jenna said she worries about her dad, but added, “You know, he’s doing a great job…I worry about him probably less than he worries about me.”

Jenna is stepping out to promote her new book, “Ana’s Story,” based on her travels to the Caribbean and Latin America.

Tonight on “20/20,” she also opens up about her engagement to Bush campaign staffer Henry Hager.

There hasn’t been a wedding date set, but will the big day be in the White House?

“I’m wondering myself,” Jenna admitted. “I don’t know.”

Jenna revealed that Hager had to ask the President for permission to marry his daughter, but Jenna said, “I’m sure he was nervous, but he knew what he wanted to say.”

Sawyer tells “Extra” she was stunned who Jenna named as the White House child she would most want to be like.

“I was really surprised,” admits Sawyer. “She clearly is very respectful and admiring of Chelsea Clinton, who apparently has been in contact with them and been very kind to them.”

The full interview airs tonight on ABC.