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Mick Jagger Admits He Forgot About Lost Duet with John Lennon

“Extra” sat down with music legend Mick Jagger for a rare one-on-one interview, where the star opened up about marriage, his rock-star lifestyle and his unexpected idols.

The Rolling Stones just wrapped a grueling 2-year tour, but at 64, Mick said he was up to the challenge.

“I’m glad I got through the two years without any sort of major physical problems,” he admitted. “I was just born with a lot of energy and so far it’s kept me going.”

Mick also joked about his notorious slender frame, saying, “I have to eat and eat and have a few beers to keep my 140 pounds going!”

Next month, “The Very Best of Mick Jagger” hits stores. The album includes a piece of rock n’ roll history, a long lost track he recorded with Beatles icon John Lennon. Incredibly, Mick admitted he forgot he even recorded the piece!

“I did, actually,” he confessed. “Then I found a copy and said, ‘That’s really good, you know?’”

Mick is also confessing he’s a fan of superstar Justin Timberlake.

“I was watching a Justin Timberlake concert last night on the television, and he was really working it,” the legendary performer said.

As to who should play him if a movie was made about his life, he said, “I’m sure my son could do it really well…he looks just like me when I was 20.”

The twice-divorced star finally talked marriage, laughing, “I haven’t thought about it this week. This week is a really busy week.”