First Look: K-Fed on 'One Tree Hill'

Is Kevin Federline looking for a change of career?

"Extra" got the first look at a mohawked K-Fed as he taped a guest appearance on The CW’s "One Tree Hill," and he told us he sees a future for himself on screen.

Federline plays a rocker in the band No Means Yes in the fictional town of Tree Hill, North Carolina.

“I kind of play this self obsessed wannabe rock star," he explained. "You know a guy that really takes himself too seriously.”

K-Fed's guest-starring roles, which have been limited to one episode of "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," are sparking a serious interest in a career on screen.

“I’m really into the acting thing," he said. "I’m loving it!”

So does that mean he's giving up his career as a rapper?

Surprisingly, Federline told “Extra," “I’m definitely more focused on the acting thing.”

Federline wouldn't comment on Britney's VMA debacle. Instead, he focused on celebrating his sons' birthdays in L.A. this weekend with a blowout bash.

You can see a newly-focused Federline on "One Tree Hill."