Menswear: The Hottest Look for Fall

It’s time to say goodbye to bikinis and short-shorts, because “Extra” is highlighting the hottest trends for fall.

Allure Magazine’s editor in chief Linda Wells tells “Extra” that glamour and refinement are the goals for fall.

Topping the must-have list is men’s wear.

Wells explained, “The idea of trousers and a shirt very basic, but the idea is that they're feminized.”

To get the look, go no further than Bloomingdales, where “Extra” found slim pants paired with a silk, flowing blouse.

It’s a crisp, clean and classic look – but a girl can’t live on one look alone!

“Part of the men’s wear trend we're seeing is tiny little jackets,” said Wells. “English school boy jackets trimmed in ribbon – they almost look like some Harry Potter child!”

Pair those tiny jackets with a scarf and narrow pants for a more feminine twist.

But when it comes to fall fabrics, it’s all about patent leather.

“We’re seeing a lot of patent leather, so shine is a really big part of the fall fashion. And patent leather just not on shoes but on coats and trim,” said Wells.

For a fabulous fall face, use eyeliner for a dramatic yet not over-the-top look.

To get the look, stick with basic black or fun colors like teal and sage. Remember to keep your lips neutral.

But Wells has a warning: don’t overdo it!

“You don’t want to have too much overpowering makeup or else you look retro,” she said.