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What Happened to Shaq's Marriage?

Shaquille O’Neal’s surprising split from wife Shaunie has everyone asking what went wrong.

Today there are new questions about why, according to divorce papers, Shaq is giving Shaunie primary custody of the kids – and asking only for visitation rights.

Lisa Bloom of “Court TV” broke down the divorce drama for “Extra,” saying, “I think Shaq’s wife is going to cry foul when she sees this document.”

She explained, “Most husbands, when they file for divorce, they don’t say, ‘Wife, you take the kids.’ They are either silent on that point or they ask the court to award the kids to them.”

Shaquille’s divorce decision could turn in to a big-money battle.

The NBA great has a $100 million contract with the Miami Heat, and he makes millions more in endorsements.

However, there is a pre-nuptial agreement, which Bloom describes as “iron-clad.”