How Matt Damon Almost Never Become Hollywood's Newest Leading Man

Matt Damon is on a worldwide victory lap after his action-packed thriller “The Bourne Ultimatum” shattered box office records this weekend and solidified him as one of Hollywood’s most sought-after leading men.

Matt has moved to the top of Forbes Magazine’s list of the film industry’s true heavyweights – listing him as one of the most bankable movie stars in Hollywood.

The third installment of the “Bourne” series has become such a hit that it’s hard to believe the franchise almost never made it to the big screen!

“I didn’t even think after the first movie that we’d do a second one,” he told “Extra.”

Matt revealed that without the series, audiences may have never seen him in his other breakout roles.

“It's really affected my ability to choose the roles I want to do,” he said. “’Syriana,’ ‘The Departed’ and ‘The Good Shepherd,’ and I got to do all three of those movies knowing that off in the middle distance I had ‘The Bourne Ultimatum.’”

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