How One Bachelor Plans to Save the World

Ladies, are you ready to go green?

If you want a date with hunky British bachelor David De Rothschild, you must have a soft spot for the environment.

David, 28, is a banking heir whose British family is worth a whopping billion and a half dollars, but the bachelor says he is truly an outdoors kind of guy.

“I've always been more interested in what's going on outside the window,” he reveals.

David spent 100 days traveling on the Arctic Ocean, and he became the youngest Brit to ever reach both the South and North Pole!

To top it off, David is also a writer.

The environmentalist wrote the “Live Earth Global Warming Survival Handbook.”

People Magazine is as impressed by David as “Extra” is, because he was featured in their hottest bachelor issue.

“Obviously it's flattering,” David says. “I was just pleased I didn't lie there with my top off like the rest of the guys in my group.”

David can also be considered the ultimate environmentalist: the Big Apple resident doesn’t even own a car!

Practicing what he preaches, David rides his bike everywhere.

This eligible bachelor also has a trick to conserving water: a bath for two!

“Who doesn't love sharing a bath?” David says. “So it's kind of get green, get clean, have fun.”

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