A Hero Both On Screen and Off

He plays a hunky hero on CBS’s primetime hit “Jericho,” and between takes, Skeet Ulrich is quickly becoming a Hollywood heartthrob.

A few facts you may not have known about this eligible bachelor: the 37-year-old grew up in North Carolina, his uncle is NASCAR great Ricky Rudd and he’s got a secret talent.

“I'm a wicked ping pong player. I don’t think anyone would expect that,” he says.

Skeet got divorced in 2005, but he’s still a hero as father to twins.

And ladies get your standup routines ready because he tells “Extra” that a sense of humor is the sexiest thing in a woman.

“Life is tough. If you can't laugh at it, sometimes it only gets tougher,” he says.

But there’s one thing that doesn’t make Skeet laugh.

“I don't like cocky people,” he insists.

So what turns him on?

“Somebody that can go into an environment and make themselves at home and make people feel good. It's very sexy,” he reveals.

So once he finds Ms. Right, where will he take her for their first date?

“I've been wanting to go to the Griffith Observatory since it reopened. I think that will be really romantic,” says Skeet.

A night under the stars with a star? A romantic date indeed!