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The Intimate Details of Eva and Tony's Wedding

From the invitations, to the keepsake book and the beautiful bracelet, “Extra” is inside Eva Longoria and Tony Parker’s wedding and taking you beyond what you’ve heard about the big day!

The bride’s own best friend – Mario Lopez – is revealing every detail about the exclusive ceremony secrets.

“The day of the wedding, we get there, and there are mobs of people,” Mario said. “Private routes to take in these cars; you have to go all these secret ways through town.”

Once the wedding guests made it past the throngs of screaming fans, they were awestruck by the enormous chapel where Eva and Tony said their vows.

“The cathedral was unbelievable and gorgeous,” Mario revealed.

The day wasn’t just special for Eva and Tony – it was also special for Mario, of whom Eva made a special request.

“I was really honored because she asked me to walk her mom down in the wedding,” he said. “So I had to make sure we don't trip and the whole deal.”

But Mario saved the tears for Ryan Seacrest, who reportedly got teary as the lovebirds made it official.

“I didn’t, because we were laughing, and it was more fun,” Mario said.

Then, a laugh came from an unexpected attendee – the priest himself, who cracked a joke at Eva’s expense!

“The priest was very funny,” Mario explained. “He goes, ‘I don’t know who you are; I don’t know who she is, but hey, you’re a big deal I guess!’”

Afterward, the guests partied until the sun came up – literally!

“Everybody was on the floor!” Mario said. “I told Eva, ‘We’re not going to leave ‘til the sun comes up! We’re going to party all night!’ And then she gets on the mic, ‘We’re not leaving until the sun comes up!’”

“The week in France for Eva’s wedding was like Mardi Gras," Lopez added. "Every day was an event, a party, and we didn’t go to bed sooner than seven in the morning. I’m surprised I’m right here talking to you and functioning.”

In fact, Mario said he and “Dancing with the Stars” date Karina Smirnoff were the last ones to leave the party every night.

Now, only “Extra” can reveal the special gift Mario gave the bride and groom – his-and-her Oceanaut watches.

The newlyweds also gave their guests a keepsake booklet, packed with beautiful personal photos of the couple.

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