Jerry Springer Has a Secret Talent!

Jerry Springer plays a primetime ringmaster on “America’s Got Talent,” but he’s showing “Extra” why he might be a better contestant than host!

The legendary television host has had lots of jobs, from charming underdog on “Dancing with the Stars” to television anchor and even mayor!

But who knew that Jerry could sing?

“When I sing, people get involved, because they have to guess where the notes were supposed to have been,” Jerry told us.

But joking aside, Jerry is one hard-working man.

“Being mayor was the best job I ever had,” he said of his time ruling Cincinnati.

Not many people know Jerry once dominated city hall – but they do remember him dominating the dance floor as the charming underdog on “Dancing with the Stars.”

“The truth is every week I did the exact same dance except at a different speed,” he admitted. “And they gave it a different title.”

You can stay in tune with Jerry on “America’s Got Talent,” Monday nights on NBC.