Michael Jackson Will Tour Europe!

Hoping to spark a comeback and capitalize on his popularity overseas, Michael Jackson is planning a European tour, sources said.

A source with deep ties to the music industry and Jackson's camp said, "He's still big in Europe and Japan. He's very popular in England. He's planning a tour."

One thing is for sure, Americans don’t see Jackson as the same superstar that he was 20 years ago.

His comeback attempts came to a screeching halt when he moved to Las Vegas in December with hopes to drum up interest in his music.

But apparently no offers were made for a show, and it seemed as if people just couldn’t forget the years of musical missteps and disturbing child abuse allegations.

A casino talent booker said that Las Vegas entertainment executives considered him “too radioactive at this time.”

Jackson’s last number one hit was “You Are Not Alone” – and that was 12 years ago. His last concert was in 2001.