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Hasselhoff on Tape Surfacing: 'It's A Very Private Thing'

For the first time since his infamous tape exploded around the world, David Hasselhoff is giving his first in-depth interview, only to “Extra.”

It’s been a month since the tape, which showed a drunken David incoherent on the floor of a hotel room while his daughter taped, was first released.

David told us exclusively, “What’s important is that I'm a dad and that they respect me and I respect them and I live for my kids.”

He added, “Everyone buys into the tape.”

A tape David accuses his ex-wife, Pamela Bach, of leaking to the media – a charge she adamantly denies.

“It’s a very private thing,” David told us. “Everybody in their life has a moment, and it’s not about how long you’re down – it’s how fast you back up. And I’m up and running.”

David said he’s been getting an outpouring of support, something he says feels really good.

“It’s humbling and embarrassing, actually, because I know who I am, my kids know who I am, and the public knows who I am,” David said. “They appreciate my honesty, I think.”

“I was talking to Sylvester Stallone; I’ve got everybody calling me saying, ‘Hey buddy, this is ridiculous,’” Hasselhoff added.

David isn’t allowed to talk specifically about his two teenage daughters or his ongoing custody battle with his ex because of a gag order.

But he did tell “Extra,” “The most important thing is the truth. As long as you tell the truth, it can’t come back to bite you.”

David is hoping the truth will come out as he and his ex continue their custody battle in a California court.