Clooney on Acting with Al Pacino: 'I Was Nervous'

George Clooney is revealing secrets from this summer’s most anticipated sequel, and only “Extra” is on the set of “Ocean’s 13” with the star!

This summer, George, Brad and the conmen crew are out for revenge when new rival Willy Bank, played by Al Pacino, stiffs the clan on a business deal.

Joked George, “This is a film about revenge, which I like a lot.”

“Extra” was behind the scenes with jokester George, who revealed that co-star Matt Damon is trying to seduce stunner Ellen Barkin in the film!

“We use Matt as a sex kitten in this one,” he explained.

Also, in a surprise revelation, George opened up about acting with the legendary Al Pacino.

“The very first scene I did with him I was very nervous – because it’s Al Pacino!” George admitted.

Catch more of a candid Clooney on the next “Extra.”