A Great Catch - Literally!

Hit a home run with Joe Mauer.

He’s America’s Most Eligible, and he’s got game!

This 24-year-old Minnesota Twins player has been called the best catcher in baseball.

Joe is 6-foot-5-inches, 215 pounds…he bats left and throws right…want to know more?

He’s super hot, and he’ll make $4 million this year. Wow.

But behind all that fame and fortune is the humble heart of a regular Joe.

“We get to play a kids’ game, and we get to do it every day and we get to make a pretty good living,” he said.

Joe’s not the flashy type, but get this, ladies: he owns four houses, loves to shop for shoes, and wants to be married!

“Well, I think I’ll be a great husband…I’m pretty easygoing, I’m a big family guy. Family comes first for me.”

So for those of you keeping score, Joe can tell you what it takes to get to home base!

“I like all kinds of women: blondes, brunettes, it doesn’t really matter to me,” he said.

Joe added: “If she doesn’t like baseball, I can probably get around that – but it would be better if she did!”

Got that, girls?

Batter up!

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