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Richard Jeni's Girlfriend: 'He Always Said He Could Never Do That'

No one was more devastated over the tragic death of comedian Richard Jeni than his girlfriend of three years, Amy Murphy.

“I love him, I’m always going to love him,” Murphy confessed exclusively to “Extra,” as she opened up about the intense grief she and Jeni’s family have shared.

“I miss him, he was my best friend,” Amy said.

Murphy, a local Los Angeles reporter and weathercaster, met Richard professionally during an interview.

“It was magic; we had it all figured out and things were good, and we were happy, he was happy,” she remembered.

But that happiness turned to utter sadness when Richard Jeni suddenly took his own life in March. Amy was in the house that tragic day, and for the very first time, she revealed what really happened that fateful morning.

“When we woke up that day, he was actually in a good mood, first time in months,” she recalled. “He was in a good mood, smiling, we made plans for the day. I went downstairs to make breakfast for him and that was it.”

It was from the kitchen that she heard a gunshot.

“I just knew it wasn’t right,” Amy recalled. “It’s our worst nightmare; it happened.”

Amy also told “Extra” that Richard’s mood took a dramatic turn just a few months prior, when, in December, he suffered a bout of insomnia, which led to severe depression and paranoia. He was under a doctor’s psychiatric care and taking medication.

But did Amy recognize that Jeni was spinning out of control?

“We talked about whether he would take his own life,” she confided. “He’d always say, ‘I could never do that.’ He’d say, ‘I could never break my sister’s heart or my mother’s heart or yours like that, I wouldn’t do that.’”

As Jeni’s family and Amy mourn, they are speaking out so that Richard’s fans know he was no despondent; instead, the mental illness he suffered had taken over his capacity to act rationally.

“And that’s why we know the person that took his life was not the Richard Jeni we all know and love,” Amy said. “His legacy will be that all he wanted to do was make people laugh and never break hearts, never, never like this. He’s always going to be in my heart, and I’m always going to remember him laughing and smiling.”

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