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Kim Kardashian on Sex Tape: 'A Tape Does Exist'

She's the daughter of O.J.'s famed attorney, Robert Kardashian, and from O.J. to Jessica Simpson to Britney and Whitney, all Hollywood roads lead to Kim Kardashian.

But Kim is becoming famous for more than being close pals with Paris Hilton - she's currently starring in a new celebrity sex tape that has tongues wagging.

Now, in an exclusive interview, Kim is coming clean to "Extra" about the sex tape she made with Brandy's brother, Ray J, who is now rumored to be dating Whitney Houston.

"A tape does exist....Ray J and I are friends," Kim told "Extra." "Whatever we did was our personal business...I hope that it remains private."

The XXX-rated tape is about to be sold against Kim's wishes, but she swears it is not as naughty as you've heard.

"Things that they say happened with mine and Ray J's sex tape, what was going on in it, is completely false," she insisted.

On Tuesday night, Kim hit New York's Fashion Week as a celebrity correspondent for "Extra," where she went on rumor control and cleared up Hollywood's hottest gossip.

About Brandy's much-publicized car accident, Kim told us, "Brandy is one of my best friends. And she's in good spirits; I'm just here to support her."

As for her girl's night with Britney Spears, Kim dished, "I've only met Britney a few times. She's a normal girl trying to live a normal life... leave her alone."

In regards to her brief fling with Nick Lachey shortly after his breakup with Jessica Simpson, Kardashian had only kind words.

"Nick Lachey is a great guy, just nothing serious," she said.

But has she found love with rumored beau, "Drumline" star Nick Cannon?

"Nick Cannon and I are really good friends," she said. "Really sweet guy, just friends."

Meanwhile, when it comes to pal Paris being targeted for tabloid rumors, Kardashian told us, "If you're beautiful, rich, fabulous...people just want to try and find something bad, which is sad."