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Inside Tom and Katie's Italian Fairytale

It's official! Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are now husband and wife.

As TomKat heads off for some alone time in the exotic Maldives, the star-studded guests are still caught up in the wedding of the decade, gushing over the stars, the dress and the uber-long kiss!

"Extra" had a bird's eye view of Tom and Katie's candlelit wedding castle, under siege Saturday by fans, photographers and choppers.

The groom arrived to the castle with son, Connor, while Katie snuck in under a shield of green umbrellas. Once Katie sought refuge from the raindrops inside the castle, we spotted the doting mom cradling Baby Suri through a castle window.

TomKat's family and friends met a lightening storm of paparazzi flashbulbs as they arrived for the grand event.

Victoria Beckham made a flashy fashion statement, as Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy cruised up to the castle wearing smiles.

Brooke Shields and her hubby made a grand entrance, and Mr. and Mrs. Will Smith gave "Extra" their last minute wedding well-wishes.

"We're going to give it to them right now," Will said.

"I hope they're able, amidst all of it, to just look at each other and feel thrilled and happy," Brooke Shields added.

Once inside, all the attention was on Katie's gorgeous silk off-the-shoulder Armani gown, adorned with Swarovski crystals.

Tom wore a one-of-a-kind navy blue Armani tux. And get this! The label said "Armani for Tom Cruise."

"Extra" has also learned that Cartier made the couple's white gold and diamond wedding bands.

Tom and Katie married in a 15-minute Scientology ceremony, and once TomKat became Mr. and Mrs. Cruise, they topped off their vows with a never ending kiss.

Once the ceremony was over, it was time to party.

Hollywood royalty feasted on a multi-course wedding banquet, and the couple cut a five-tier white chocolate wedding cake decorated with roses.

Katie reportedly gave her husband a $23,000 watch with the words "I Love You" engraved on the back.

The newlyweds also received a joint gift from talented musician and friend, Andrea Boccelli, who serenaded them.

Our cameras were waiting for the first reviews as the fairytale night ended and the fairytale life began for TomKat.

Marc Anthony gave "Extra" the thumbs up, and only we spoke with Leah Remini after the reception, who couldn't think of appropriate words to describe the festivities.

"You know, I can't. It was beautiful," Remini gushed.

And just when you thought the night couldn't be topped, a fireworks show lit up the sky, marking the perfect end to a fabulous beginning for Tom and Katie Cruise.