'Dancing' Drops Joey Lawrence

Joey Lawrence took his “Dancing with the Stars” dismissal in stride Wednesday night, as he looks forward to his dancing ahead.

After the show wrapped and Joey got the boot, the former child star and his “Dancing” partner, Edyta, reminded our special correspondent Shanna Moakler that his last dance has yet to come.

“We’re going on a tour so our dancing is not done,” Edyta said.

But before the “Dancing with the Stars” tour kicks off, all of the attention is centered on the long awaited final showdown between Mario Lopez and Emmitt Smith.

On Thursday, Judges Carrie Ann and Bruno came only to the “Extra” set for a finale preview, where host Dayna Devon played fill in blank with them!

“Ok, finish this sentence for me: Mario and Karina will win because?”

“Because he’s a fantastic dancer,” Carrie Ann said. “They’ve got great chemistry, they’re almost perfect every single time.”

But why wouldn’t they win? “Because they’ve been perfect from the beginning, and I think sometimes that works against you.”

Bruno answered on behalf on Cheryl and Emmitt, claiming they could win “because of the surprise element. He conquers the audience instantly, a look, and everybody eats out of his hands. I think he should run for President!”

As to why they may not win the “Dancing” crown, Bruno revealed, “If they let it go a little bit too far, you know sometimes when you feel you’re going to win, and you let your guard down.”

Tune into the “Dancing with the Stars” finale next week, where anything can happen!