Brad Pitt Takes on Tinseltown Pandemonium

Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt fans went wild over the weekend, as the superstar made his first red carpet appearance in more than a year for "Babel."

Brad came straight to "Extra" to talk shop and gush about his family crop back home.

"Family life is beautiful, it's just the greatest," the hunky actor dished.

Pitt's powerhouse performance in "Babel," opposite co-star Cate Blanchett, is already generating Oscar talk for the star. But Brad confessed he doesn't need an Oscar to enrich his life.

"I am happy right where I am," he confessed.

As Brad flew out to Los Angeles for his film's premiere, he left his family in India where he and Angelina are making a movie about Daniel Pearl.

"India is a really special place," Brad said. "I've gotten a lot of time off to spend with the kids; it's been a really nice time."

While Pitt was working the red carpet, thousands of miles away Angelina met with New Delhi officials and refugees.

"We spoke about the concerns for disabled people, chidren, orphans," Angelina said.

Back in Los Angeles, Brad shared his views on Madonna's controversial adoption.

"Their intentions are right; they're trying to give a kid a home and an education, who probably wouldn't get that, " Brad said.

In "Babel," Brad and Cate play an American couple caught in an international incident, which then ricochets around the globe.

The beautiful Cate, who went glam for the big night, revealed that she jetted in from Australia for the grand celebration.

"Isn't that crazy? I'm leaving at the end of the film tonight," Cate said.

But before we said goodbye to Brad, we had one last gift: a check for Global Action for Children and for Doctors without Borders, in honor of the tireless efforts that he and Angelina have done throughout the world.

"We'll never turn that down," a flabbergasted Brad said. "Thank you, they are both really worthy causes and will do a lot of good."