5 Things You Need to Know Before You Get Your Nose Done, by Dr. Raj Kanodia

1. Is your doctor going to give you an "open" or a "closed" nose job?

An "open" nose job is when the doctor cuts your nose from outside of the tip or at the bottom tip of your nose thus leaving you with a scar.

A "closed" nose job is when the doctor does into you nose through the nostril, never cutting anything on the outside, this leaves you without any scaring which is the most desirable.

Dr. Raj Kanodia only will perform a nose job (rhinoplast) as a closed procedure, which does not scar the nose or face.

2. Will This Procedure Improve My Breathing?

You should ask the doctor if he is going to work on your septum.

If he says yes, he is doing that to improve your breathing, if he says no, most likely your breathing will not improve. If your doctor says no, you should ask him why not, and it may be a good idea to get another opinion.

3. Will I Look Different? What Will I Look Like?

Dr. Raj Kanodia believes in "refining the nose" small subtle differences can make a huge improvement. Sometimes less is more.

4. Will the Doctor Be Breaking My Bone in My Nose?

If the doctor has a break your bone, chances are they changes will be more than subtle, to correct a crooked nose, he more than likely will break the bone. This is true for a hook nose, or a large bump in the nose.

If the doctor is just going to do subtle changes most likely he will not have to break the bone. He can refine and reshape and smooth out little bumps, or bulbous areas by shaving and reshaping the bone.

You will still look like yourself, which is what Dr. Raj Kanodia tries to keep you looking like yourself but better.

5. How Much Time Before I Can Exercise or Go Back to Work?

Dr. Kanodia says about one week.

6. How Much Money Will the Nose Job Cost?

Dr. Kanodia says the average nose job will cost between nine and twelve thousand dollars.